Gym bags


Gym bags - the ultimate Swiss army knife


Gym bags are not just a remnant of our high school days anymore. The multifunctional drawstring backpack has enjoyed ever-growing popularity in sports as well as in streetwear circles for years now. The reasons why are as obvious as they are numerous: the bags don’t cost a fortune, they give you a bunch of storage room (even most laptops easily fit inside, let alone any school supplies one might have) and they are easily stowed away themselves. Gym bags are a valuable asset in every walk of life. Additionally, their flat surface and an easy to print upon material allow for various designs, graphics and claims to be featured so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for!


Gym bags boasting special features


CAYLER & SONS has improved the traditional gym bag and has added numerous innovations. Hence every gym bag features:


  • Individual graphics on the front of the bag
  • A second, logo-driven, design on the back
  • A durable PU leather element at the bottom
  • A hidden Velcro pocket on the inside
  • An additional key holder on the inside of the bag


The one special feature that sets CAYLER & SONS’ gym bags apart from the competition is the fact that every bag features and additional, logo driven, design of the same color scheme on the inside of the bag, making the bag essentially reversible because of the characteristically easy-to-use straps. Therefore, every gym bag delivers two designs for the price of one.


Can you ever have too many gym bags?


The material and design of the gym bag are perfectly suited to express CAYLER & SONS’ wide variety of designs and claims. Whether the graphic is printed, stitched or embroidered onto the bag, the possibilities for designs and graphics on a gym bag are virtually endless. The affordable price makes it easy to always find the right gym bag for every outfit.